If you place an order with us from outside the United Kingdom and N.Ireland, you do not pay UK VAT.

The tax (VAT) will automatically be deducted from your order during checkout when your invoice and delivery addresses are both outside the United Kingdom and N.Ireland.

Import tax, customs & duties regulation vary from country to country.  We add EU custom duty and local taxes to your invoice at checkout.

Your total invoice value at checkout includes all import taxes, costs and duties.

Most countries have two types of charges when importing goods from overseas - Sales Tax (VAT, GST) and custom duty.  These amounts are usually not significant compare to your invoice value.  They are calculated based on the declared value (and shipping costs in certain countries).

Declared value is based on the invoice value (Grand total) of your purchase.

Please note that importation costs including, but not limited to, customs, duties, sales tax and clearing costs are not refundable, should you wish to return items. As they are paid to local tax authorities

Further information regarding buying goods online from a non-European Union country can be found  Here.